Frequently Asked Questions

What is your fee structure?


We do not charge charities to upload and share their information. Information shared on this site is free-of-charge. Donors are charged a nominal fee for customized reports. Financial institutions pay a subscription for customized philanthropic advising services through this platform.

A 5% charge will be taken off the amount any donation transacted through our web site. This does not include payment gateway fees levied by the credit card companies. A minimum $10.00 donation generates a tax reciept. To ensure the charity receives a specific sum, please amend your contribution amount to account for the fees as outlined above. Payments are processed by either Stripe or PayPal. For US donations please note that additional fees may apply for currency conversions and third party transaction fees.

How do I get my charity listed?


All charities registered with the CRA and/or IRS are updated quarterly to our web site and database. If you are a representative from a registered charity click here you will be redirected to the Charity Registration page. After you have completed this information we will verify the data. Only CRA and IRS registered charities can upload information.

If you are a donor who wants to promote a charity, please visit our MicroFoundation site - myPlace2Give.

Do you charge the charity to have their organization listed?


No. This is a donor-centred charity. Our costs are covered by the sale of detailed reports to donors and the subscription services of the financial institutions as well as donation transaction fees. Members of the Place2Give staff are part of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Advisors in Philanthropy and Family Enterprise Advisors.

My charity isn’t listed, how come?


Only organizations that have a charitable registration number by the CRA and IRS are included in this list. If your charity is registered, and it is active, please try searching by the number instead of the name of the organization. If the number still does not come up please email your request for verification to

How often is information updated?


Each quarter we update the CRA and IRS status of ~1.6 Million charities. The in-depth review is an ongoing process as requested by donors.

What if the information for my charity is inaccurate?


​All financial information and generic program description in this website comes directly from the Canada Revenue Agency and Internal Revenue Service. If you are associated with a charity and you notice an error, please see the Canada Revenue Agency's Charity Directorate site on how to Amend the T3010 information return ( or contact the Internal Revenue Services directly. We also encourage you to update your profile with your audited financial statements and other relevant information to better assist us in finding your ideal donor match.

On the top right corner, please log into your account using your username and password. Once logged in, click on your username on the top right corner, and from the drop-down menu that appears, click "My Account". From here, you can modify each section of your profile. Note that there are various tabs at the top of the page which allow you to access and modify your Operations, Projects, etc. When you are finished updating each page, be sure to click the "Save this page" button.

​We also welcome feedback on our site as we are continually making improvements and releasing new features. Please email us at:

Do I have to create a profile to search a charity?



I have questions regarding Privacy and Terms of Use


Please use the following links to access our privacy statements and terms of use statements.

I am having a problem with your website.


Any website problems should be directed to our technology team. Please email and describe what you were doing and what the problem is.

myPlace2Give FAQs

What is a MicroFoundation?

A collection of charities, usually of a similar theme, category or mission, where each charity is given a percentage of each donation the MicroFoundation receives. The percentage that each charity gets is defined by the MicroFoundation creator. Be strategic, and define a MicroFoundation that speaks to the issues that you care about. To learn more or set-up your fund, please visit myPlace2Give.

How often are donations disbursed to the charities?

Donations made via are disbursed to the charities on a monthly basis, unless the total donations for the charity are less than $100. Disbursements to charities contained within MicroFoundations are done on a quarterly basis or as instructed by the donor.

What Are the Costs For Setting-up A MicroFoundation?

At Place2Give we believe that anyone should be able to make the change that they want to see in the world. myPlace2Give is your personal foundation where you don’t have to give thousands of dollars in order to generate social impact. Compare our costs and services with other giving solutions. For $1/day you can have your own customized charitable foundation supporting charities that you are passionate about; the ability to share your fund with friends, family, colleagues, clients, whomever you want to join you in your giving; have metrics and reports that measure the impact of your giving and peace of mind that your charitable dollars are being leveraged to their highest value. View our Price Comparison

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