About Place2Give

What is Place2Give?

Place2Give Foundation is a registered charitable foundation in Canada and the United States. Place2Give.com is a donor-centered charity search engine. It provides donors with the tools they need to search, evaluate and give to Canadian and American charities that align with their passions.

Our unique algorithms provide customized analysis on the abundance of data present in the charity sector across North America. This analysis allows our users to accurately see how the charities they are interested in operate and perform, thus letting them make an informed decision about how best to allocate their philanthropic dollars.

There are six criteria that feed our algorithms:

  • Governance
  • Program Implementation
  • Leadership/HR
  • Volunteerism
  • Community Engagement
  • Financials

Not all the information we have about a charity is made public on our site, however, everything we have can be found in the public domain.

Place2Give.com is primarely a research tool for financial advisors, estate planners, private family offices, and everyday individuals with personal giving plans. Additional philanthropy resources and services can be found at Dexterity Consulting and more information about how our philanthropy technology is being used by other companies can be found at Dexterity Ventures Inc.

Place2Give is tackling a number of goals:

  • To integrate big data for the North American charitable sector using our algorithms and perspective data analysis
  • To provide a values-based resource for donor decision-making
  • To improve financial advisors’ workflow pertaining to their clients’ philanthropic investments
  • To streamline grant application and reporting processes
  • To help charities articulate their Key Performance Indicators
  • To provide third parties aggregated data on the charitable sector

How did Place2Give start?

Place2Give was founded by Gena Rotstein in Calgary, Canada in November of 2010 out of Dexterity Consulting. Gena has worked extensively in the non-profit space in Canada and the United States for over 20 years and recognizes a need for the collection and use of charity big data, which is why she founded Place2Give.

After years of working with donors and charities, she envisions a technology that will be able to automate what she is doing for her clients. She pictures a system that will use an algorithm that would automatically match donors to charities based on a giving and charity profile.

Since its launch, Place2Give has become North America’s most comprehensive charitable database of both publicly and privately sourced charity data in North America.

How do charities get matched to donors?

Place2Give does not evaluate charities. We believe that providing information to donors creates a stronger charitable sector.

In addition, we are able to share with charities, in aggregate, their "ideal" donor to help them communicate and attract the right type of long-term sustainable donors. Charities are matched based on donor-type:

Maverick Donor Charity Type

This organization attracts Maverick donors because the donor is interested in supporting a start-up or early-stage organization with limited track-record; or the organization is operating in a high-risk area (i.e. war-torn country); the agency may be developing a new or innovative solution to a complex problem; or perhaps is seeking emergency financing. An example of this type of charity is one that is dealing with emergency crisis relief or is on the leading edge of social innovation.

Steady Donor Charity Type

This donor prefers supporting a charity that has a 5+ year track record with a stable funder base. This organization likely has a stable board that understands its roles and responsibilities. Information is shared but not necessarily measured in terms of social impact. Broad umbrella-type organizations and agencies that are heavily government-funded are examples that fall under this category.

Informed Donor Charity Type

A donor that is attracted to this charity has a similar risk-tolerance to a Maverick Donor. This type of donor is looking at charities where the Board of Directors understands its roles and responsibilities and encourages the management team to seek innovative solutions to systemic problems. It runs its organization efficiently and effectively. It does not compromise on overhead as it has the metric tools in place to justify the spend. Other characteristics that attract a donor to this type of charity include low staff turnover, high volunteer engagement and multi-year connections with its funder base. This organization actively informs stakeholders how the charity fits within the broader social issue. Typically this agency is seen as a resource for best-practices by other organizations.

How Donors are Profiled

Over the years Place2Give has integrated technologies developed by Dexterity Ventures Inc. In 2016, DVI was sold to Good Done Great. At present, our online donor profiling solution is now being used in as an offline service through Gena Rotstein's consultancy. We encourage donors to self-reflect on their personal risk as they consider the charity descriptions above. For more information on the offline donor profiling tool please download our Navigating you Charitable Giving workbook.

Where is the charity data from?

Place2Give draws from several public data sets.

  • For Canadian charities we receive data from Imagine Canada (charities that have adopted the Ethical Fundraising Code), Charity Intelligence, and The Canada Revenue Agency.
  • For American charities we receive data from the IRS, Guidestar, Charity Navigator, Global Giving, Annual Reports, Network for Good, Charities.org and Give Well.

In addition we also receive data for both American and Canadian organizations from various social media platforms for real-time information, Google News Feed, donor feedback, and the charities themselves to provide you, the donor, with the information to make an informed charitable decision.

At Place2Give we look beyond the financials of the charitable organizations in order to help them tell their stories better. We gather information on the following six benchmarks:

  1. Good & effective governance
  2. Diversified revenue stream
  3. Strong & transparent financial management
  4. Clear understanding and ability to execute on Mission, Vision and Mandate
  5. Volunteer engagement
  6. Strong administration & management team

We encourage charities to share as much information as possible with Place2Give so donors can make more informed charitable decisions.

Financial Reports

Financial Reports

About thecardthat.gives

thecardthat.gives is a charity GIVE card. It is sold at retail outlets in Canada and online. Cards can be redeemed as charitable transactions to any registered charity in Canada.

How much does it cost?

The card comes in several denominations ranging from $10 to $100. The purchaser of the card will receive the tax receipt for the face-value of the card. The recipient gets the pleasure of giving.

Place2Give Foundation charges an Activation Fee of $2.75 for ultra-thick cardstock cards and $3.75. This fee covers the printing of the card, development of the e-commerce platform and tax receipting fees. Upon transferring funds out to the charities a 8% fee is held back to cover administration fees and bank transfer fees.

For more information and to purchase your cards please visit www.thecardthat.gives.

The Team

Gena Rotstein

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Gena Rotstein is one of Canada’s leading experts in Social Enterprise. She is the founder of Dexterity Ventures, the umbrella company of Dexterity Consulting, Canada’s first philanthropic brokerage firm, and Place2Give.com, the ground-breaking aggregator of charity big data.

With over 15 years of non-profit work experience throughout Canada and the United States, Gena has evolved into an expert matchmaker between businesses, philanthropists, and the myriad of ways they contribute to the charitable sector. Her in-depth understanding of social values matches people to organizations through the KARMA & CENTS™ model thereby fulfilling their philanthropic vision ensuring they receive the biggest bang for their social ‘buck’. In addition, Gena is building on her social enterprise expertise and is currently working with other social entrepreneurs and financiers to establish new funding models for social businesses.

Connor Turner

UX Designer/Front-End Developer

As a UX Designer, front-end developer, WordPress guru, and social media expert; Connor brings over ten years within the web design and development industry. He has leveraged his skills to help numerous businesses, non-profits and political campaigns make the most of their online presence. He has worked with clients on a variety of project in Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Austin, TX. He has also been featured as an online expert for Metro Calgary, Global Calgary, CBC Alberta and was a speaker at SXSW 2010. And when he's not pushing pixels, digesting the latest trends in user experience design or helping to strengthen various online communities, Connor is also known as, the founder of yycApps and the creator of The AlbertaTweets Project.

Ria Parsbey

Foundation Administrator/Bookkeeper

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