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Everyone can be a Philanthropist

We believe that everyone can be a philanthropist. Strategic philanthropy on the other hand, requires some planning and forethought. A philanthropy fund with Place2Give allows you the opportunity to take the time you need to plan out your giving and tap into the knowledge and expertise of the philanthropy advisors and researchers that support all of our fund donors.

What is Place2Give Foundation?

P2G is a Public Foundation comprised of a number of individual Donor Advised Funds – DAF (philanthropy accounts) created by individuals just like you!

We specialize in working with Canadian donors who want to move the dial on complex social issues to help the identify funding opportunities that will generate more bang for your charitable buck.

Unlike other foundations, we believe that funds should be deployed into the charitable sector in a reasonable time frame at a reasonable cost.  There are two types of Funds at Place2Give:

  • Endowments that are held for long periods of time, accruing interest in order to generate larger amounts of money out into the charitable sector over a longer period of time; and
  • Flow-Throughs that allow for more period and short-term giving.

In both cases, donors receive bespoke advising and support as well as reports on the social impact that their funds are having in the communities that they support and the issue areas that are being addressed.


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How does a DAF work?

Your philanthropy account is specifically designed to meet your charitable objectives. It is a very simple process. When you open an account with Place2Give Foundation you are contracting P2G to manage the back-end of all your philanthropic activities. For more information and the legal details of the P2G Gift Acceptance Policy please click here. 

Your fund will be given a public page on the Place2Give website and you can advise the Foundation on which registered charities in Canada you would like to support, or if you want to create a unique giving portfolio one of our staff can meet with you (and your family) to help guide you through what goes into a giving portfolio. Once your fund has been established you are good to go! You will be provided with a unique URL that you can share with your friends and family for them to support your favourite charities or you can keep it completely anonymous and direct your own resources into the fund. Either way your philanthropy account will be activated and funds disbursed as you instruct.

Donation Types

Place2Give can accept donations in the form of:

  • Gifts of Cash including payments by credit cards, direct debit, and cheques or money orders
  • Gifts of Publicly Listed Securities
  • Gifts of Privately Held Securities
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Gifts of RRSP’s and  RRIF’s
  • Bequests by Will

For endowments, funds are invested through two different firms – Grayhawk (based in Calgary and Toronto) and Richardson GMP (based in Toronto). We are also happy to meet with your portfolio manager to arrange adding them to our investment pool. All funds are ethically invested and are balanced.

Minimums and Fees

Endowment Fund:

Place2Give will receive a donation fee of 1% or $1,500 whichever is greater on initial deposit. Subsequent deposits will be charged a 1% donation fee at time of donation.

Fees include all investment advisory and management costs. Annual fees are based on the market value of the assets. Fees are for administrative services on behalf of the Fund including the issuance of tax receipts, ongoing disbursements and reporting, and ongoing fiduciary responsibility.

Place2Give Foundation – Fee table – Edowment
Minimum donation to open account $25,000
Deposit Fee 1% or $1,500 whichever is greater
Fund Management of first $1Million 1.5%
Fund Management on the next $1Million 1.25%
$2Million + Negotiable

Flow Through:

Funds are held for a minimum of 30 Days in cash before being disbursed out on the 15th of the following month.  Funds are held in a cash account earning minimum interest so as to be able to deploy the capital to projects as quickly as possible. Fees are charged based on the currency deposited.

Fees include:

  • Validating Qualified Donee and if requested special project design
  • Drafting donor agreement(s)
  • Special project agreements as needed
  • Disbursement and reporting calendar between Recipient Organization, Place2Give and the donor
  • Personalized fund page on so that clients, friends and family can easily contribute to the fund
  • Tax receipting for Canadian donors
  • An annual review of account for CRA purposes and reporting back to donors
  • Annual filing with relevant agencies

What’s not included:

  • Additional transaction fees assessed by 3rd parties (i.e. credit cards and banks)
  • Transaction fees for liquidating securities
  • Funds held by investment firm are assessed fees from that third-party firm
  • Legal fees or accounting fees for special projects/audits are assessed annually at year end
  • Currency conversion
Place2Give Foundation – Fee Table – Flow Through
Minimum donation to open account $5000
One-time Setup Fee $1500
Fund Management of first $100K 2.5% + interest earned on the account
Fund Management $101K – 300K 2.0% + interest earned on the account
Fund Management $300K+ 1.5% + interest earned on the account
Am I limited to only donating in Canada?

No. Another unique feature of Place2Give Foundation is our partnership with Charities Aid Foundation Canada and GIVIO Foundation in the US. Through these unique partnerships we are able to help facilitate cross-border donations.

For more information about creating your fund for giving internationally please contact us directly.

I am not interested in having a fund, but I want to help my local community. Can Place2Give help with this?

Yes. By donating to the Place2Give general fund you can specify which Canadian registered charity you would like to support. Unsure? No problem! You can also select from any one of the funds listed on Place2Give. Each of these funds has a different focus. Some support specific charities, other support an issue area and the recipients change as we learn more about the problem and the ways to tackle it.