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For over a decade, we have been working with individuals to achieve their social vision.

For over a decade, the Place2Give Foundation has been working with individuals and families to achieve their social vision. We believe that everyone can be a philanthropist. As such we have created a unique program for Financial Advisors and their firms which allows their clients to benefit from the philanthropic services offered through Place2Give while retaining the client’s assets under management of your firm. 

We know that engaging your clients in a more fulsome and inter-generationally is always top of mind, and we know that philanthropy speaks to individuals and families more than just the dollars and cents in the account. Place2Give Foundation provides a unique set of customized services for you and your clients as they embark on their philanthropic journey.

How our Program for Financial Advisors Works

Working with Advisors to assist them with their clients’ philanthropic objectives (assets are retained under management by the referring firm), Place2Give Foundation is both a Flow-Through Foundation (funds are disbursed within 45 days of receipt) and an Endowment Fund where the advisor can retain the assets on their books for management. These funds are whitelabled for your firm and can be named for your clients’ legacy.

The Financial Advisors Program is a whitelabel solution that allows donors to recommend a financial advisor or firm to invest in the charitable funds created at Place2Give Foundation. 

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Program Benefits:

This program offers a number of benefits for financial advisors, your firm and your clients:

  • Asset Retention: Advisors retain and manage client charitable assets at their financial institution on an ongoing basis on behalf of the Place2Give Foundation.
  • Unique opportunities: Place2Give offers a unique opportunity for advisors and families to walk alongside each other and develop a deeper understanding and connection as to the purpose of their wealth and financial objectives (i.e. legacy)
  • Multi-generational client retention: With over $1Trillion expected to transfer between generations in the coming decades money is on the move. Advisors who work with the whole family are more likely to retain the next generation as a client than those who focus on the primary account holder. 
  • Non-Managed Assets: Non-managed client assets, such as real estate, closely-held business interests, personal property and art can be converted into charitable funds that are managed through the program.
  • Philanthropic Services: Financial advisors can offer philanthropic consulting services to their clients by connecting them to our sister company, Karma & Cents – adding value to their investment services and client relationships. With more than 25 years of experience, they are able to bring significant community knowledge to bear in crafting creative approaches to clients’ charitable goals and objectives.
  • Market Differentiation: Place2Give’s Financial Advisors program will provide you with a unique set of products and services that will make you stand out from the competition.

Identifying Clients Who Qualify

Some typical examples of clients appropriate for this program include those who:

  • Are planning to sell a private company or have high capital gains tax exposure
  • Are contemplating life transitions—whether they are retired, have no children or are involved in estate planning decisions
  • Want a charitable tax deduction now with the flexibility to make grants over time
  • Want to grow charitable contributions tax-free over time
  • Desire to create endowments benefitting multiple nonprofit organizations
  • Desire to give something back to North American communities
  • Are involved in multiple charities, civic causes or issues
  • Want to engage their children or family members in philanthropy