What is corporate citizenship? – It is a form of social responsibility where private business endeavors to contribute to positively affecting societal, cultural, and environmental goals within their community related to philanthropic or charitable giving.

MAXgreen is a shining example of a company that employs corporate citizenship through their MAXcommunity fund with Place2Give. Adam Green, owner of MAXgreen emphasizes that the company has a triple bottom line business strategy, where people and planet are just as important as profit.

Adam initially reached out to Place2Give in 2014 to collaborate on a way to direct funds to charities that matter to MAXgreen and their customers. By doing this, both the charities MAXgreen incur lower costs, but still provide maximum impact. Place2Give was able to help Adam navigate the questions he had about charities or questions about charitable giving. 

MAXgreen plants a tree and donates $10 for every window and door replaced, and plants 5 trees and donates $50 for every roofing or siding project they complete. Half of these donations are directed to their MAXcommunity charities of choice, and the other half is directed to their customer’s individual charities of choice. Recognizing who his customers are and what they care about is a win-win scenario where both the company and the customer can feel good about contributing to the causes they support.

MAXgreen is able to streamline the process of community fund and customer donations by relying on Place2Give to automate the process of charitable giving to charities of choice. This time-saving approach allows MAXgreen to focus on building their brand and providing exemplary service to their customers, while also supporting people and the planet. MAXgreen uses ties to grow giving, impacting wicked change for the issues he, and his customers, care about.

To learn more about how Place2Give can help you achieve your corporate citizenship goals, visit Place2Give at https://place2give.com/