CAWST – Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology – is a non-profit organisation that provides training and consulting to organizations that work directly with people in low- to middle-income countries who lack access to clean water and basic sanitation. Our vision is a world where people have the opportunity to succeed because their basic water and sanitation needs have been met.

We “walk beside” hundreds of organizations—government agencies, community groups, and local and international NGOs of all sizes—in 84 countries, as they develop their capacities to deliver water and sanitation programs locally. Our aim is to develop capacity so that, in the long-term, clients can operate independently without our assistance

The Financial Post named CAWST one of Canada’s most efficient and accountable charities in 2017.

MicroFoundation Breakdown

Place2Give Foundation

All donations will go to the CAWST Fund managed by the Place2Give Foundation. Funds will be disbursed on a rolling basis as we identify areas of greatest need that meet our giving criteria.