Give Back with the 4 T’s of Philanthropy

When it comes to things like investing and philanthropy, it is a common misconception that you must have a lot to give a lot. But philanthropy is about more than donating money. How can you make an impact without giving a lot of money? The four T’s of philanthropy – Treasure, Talent, Time, and Ties. For a decade, Place2Give has been helping clients achieve all 4 in their quest to solve wicked social problems and make informed decisions about their charitable giving to maximize impact.


Treasure is the most common and most commonly recognized T’s of philanthropy. When you work hard for your money, you want to make sure that the money you give is having an impact. While writing a cheque might be the easy part, knowing you are having an impact where it is needed is harder. Do you have time to research your chosen charities to ensure they are making responsible use of the funds received? 

That’s where a donor advised fund can help. Place2Give researches the causes their clients are passionate about impacting, making connections and ensuring that funds reach causes in the most impactful way. They initiate solution sprints for social problems, enlisting the help of experts to find the best ways to contribute to solutions. 

In 2013 when Calgary experienced unprecedented flooding Place2Give brought together a group of experts to help allocate funds to ensure need, accountability, and aid in bridging needs with insurance coverage. They also initiated a food scarcity needs assessment and are currently in the middle of a solution sprint for mental health in Alberta. 


Time is something that is often more valuable than treasure. All charities need time from volunteers, from stuffing envelopes to making lunches. Your time can help contribute to making a significant impact in the lives of the people affected by social issues. Often a few hours to help or alleviate some of the workload off charity staff can have a huge impact. 

Through the YYC Food Security Fund, Place2Give helps donors tackle food scarcity through several initiatives including the partnership with the Leftovers Fund. The Leftovers Fund, a tech enabled food rescue charity that uses an app to mobilize communities to rescue food and redistribute it to service agencies where those in need can access it. By utilizing technology, the Leftovers Foundation makes volunteering flexible, and on your time, while allowing you to help reduce food waste for the environment and impact food scarcity for those in your community who need it most. 


Everyone has it in some way or another, and everyone’s talent is valuable. Many charities often lack the expertise to navigate some of the common issues they face, and either must pay professional fees or go without. 

A local recipient of Place2Give giving, IncluCity Calgary, engages local citizens who can use their expertise to help design and run testing on solutions and services for Calgary to ensure accessibility for the 1 in 15 Calgarians who live with a disability. They are technologists, designers, policy analysts and entrepreneurs who want to ensure that persons of all abilities have equal access to all the city has to offer.


Ties is the fourth and likely most unknown of the four T’s. When Max Green started working with Place2Give six years ago to create a DAF, he used the ties from his local business to impact locally. Max Green plants a tree and donates $10 for every window and door replaced, and plants 5 trees and donates $50 for every roofing or siding project they complete. 

When customers donate locally, Max Green will make matching donations to the registered charity of the customer’s choice. Since inception Max Green has impacted charities local and worldwide that address mental health, environment, children, food scarcity, animals, poverty, health and more through over 50 organizations. Max Green uses the ties from his business to increase the impact to both what is important to him, as well as his customers.


From wellness and health initiatives to the environment, or whatever causes you feel passionate about, Place2Give can help connect you to the right charity to make the most of your four T’s. Place2Give does the research, establishes the connection, and maximizes your giving to help solve the wicked social problems you care about. Place2Give is a registered charity in Canada, and can help maximize your giving in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. To learn more about how we can help you with your 4 T’s, contact Place2Give at