In 2012 a simple idea around a specific day to encourage people to do good has evolved into a global generosity movement. With over 80 countries now actively participating in Giving Tuesday, millions of people around the world recognize and participate in this day dedicated to generosity. 

Here in Canada, highlights the 2021 statistics of Giving Tuesday as:

  • 80+ country movements around the world,
  • 47 local community movements across Canada,
  • $43.6m donated online in Canada on Nov 30th,
  • Millions of generous people doing good,
  • 24 turkeys donated for families in need (Edmonton, AB),
  • 800 ducks sponsored for wetland conservation (#giveaduck),
  • 600 pounds of food donated to help the needy (Sault Ste. Marie, ON),
  • 464 scouts participated in acts of kindness (across Canada),
  • 51 puppies and dogs rescued (Collingwood, ON), and
  • 7 new prosthetic hands for amputees in need (Victoria, BC).

While $43.6 million donated in Canada is certainly an impressive number, equally important is the 464 Scouts participating in acts of kindness. When we encourage youth to recognize kindness and generosity, we help foster the next generation of giving while teaching important lessons about appreciating what we have and recognizing our own abilities to help those who may not have what we have.

This year Giving Tuesday is on November 29. While we recognize this important single day of generosity and giving, we would be remiss if we did not highlight that need exists 365 days each year. We each have 365 days to see, recognize and act on the needs in our own communities, and in communities around the world.   

Last week Place2Give highlighted the 4 T’s of philanthropy in the article – Think you don’t have enough to give back? Think Again. When read against the backdrop of Giving Tuesday Treasure, Time, Talent, and Ties are all ways that Canadians can, and do give back, to their communities throughout the year. Whether you are 5 or 75 years old, you have opportunities every day to contribute to your community.

Here in Calgary, Girls Hockey Calgary just kicked off an annual Community Initiative: Girls Give Back Christmas Food Drive. Female hockey players from 5 to 17 work and donate to fill a truck for the Veterans Association Food Bank where players and families are encouraged to donate food, money, cheer, and time to ensure needy veterans in our community can receive food hampers in December. In addition, 100 players from this association also annually participate in Stockings for Seniors, a Christmas giving project to deliver filled totes to isolated seniors for the holidays. 

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids feeds 5,500 Calgary K-12 children from 220 schools lunch every school day. Every single lunch is made and delivered by volunteers working out of 31 separate locations in Calgary communities. In addition to the time, the food itself is sponsored by generous companies and individuals across the city. Groups of youth, from sports teams to community organizations, organize snack drives to solicit food donations to contribute higher cost snack items to lunches.

These are only two examples from our community where needs are being met by the 4 T’s of philanthropy and involve all ages, as both the givers and recipients of generosity. Whether it is food scarcity, homelessness, global conflict, diversity and inclusion, the environment, animals, or health and wellness, there is need in your community 365 days each year. Everyday, people of all ages can contribute to these social causes. 

On November 29, Giving Tuesday, bring awareness to the causes and needs that are important to your community. A single act of your time, treasure, talent and ties can be the catalyst to impact change in your community year round. 

Interested in seeing what other donors, like you, are doing this Giving Tuesday? Check out the GIVE page on You can contribute to one of their funds or create your own!

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