Cutting Through Red Tape to Get Sh*t done

Do you have a cause you are passionate about? The environment? Mental wellness? Poverty? Diversity and inclusion? Animal rights? A current local or global crisis? If you have a cause you are passionate about, Place2Give will help connect you with the right charity to maximize the impact of your giving. 

Place2Give (“P2G”), a Calgary based Donor Advised Fund, wants to cut through the red tape and get shit done to solve the social issues that you care about. For the past 10 years they have been tackling wicked social problems in Calgary, Canada, North America, and Mexico. Over the next 6 weeks we will highlight stories of P2G donor impact and giving.

What is a Donor Advised Fund and why can it help you? 

A Donor Advised Fund (“DAF”) is a public foundation that helps individuals, families, groups, and organizations reach and connect with the charities or causes they are passionate about. A DAF account is like your chequing account, but instead of using the funds to buy stuff, you use the funds to donate to charities. Place2Give’s DAF and the services it provides, helps donors make better, informed decisions about their charitable giving.

DAF’s can help consolidate your giving while providing flexibility, administrative convenience, tax advantages, and anonymity if you desire it. A DAF helps match you with the right charity while still giving you control over the changes you impact.

They work with donors, financial advisors, and charities to achieve philanthropic objectives and giving plans, offering both flow-through or endowment options to maximize the timing of your giving.

What makes P2G Stand out among DAF’s?

P2G is the matchmaker between donors and charities. Much like dating, you need to know that the donor relationship is the right fit; matching passion, objectives, and values to the issues that are important to you. P2G focuses on the impact and the relationships with and between donors and charitable recipients. The team reaches out to all charities that their donors support or want to support to get up-to-date information on funded projects and supports donors in finding the right top tier charity to include in their giving portfolio. 

They assess impact in one of three ways: number of people or targeted issues supported (short-term), depth of change that occurred within an organization (capacity and operational effectiveness) or depth of change that has occurred within a system (multi-year, multi-layered funding projects). 

 P2G goes beyond just finding the right charity for you. They also tackle wicked social problems to offer customized solutions to your objectives. From studies to solution sprints, P2G will solicit subject matter experts, collect and analyze data, and provide alternatives to the donor to make sure the giving is maximized, gets to who needs it most, and impacts change. 

When you want to know that what you give is going to have maximum impact, look to Place2Give – Getting shit done: 10 years of social impact.

Join us for the next 6 weeks as we celebrate and tell our stories of 10 years of getting shit done in the social space. Click  to subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you are part of our community of change.