Research shows that 75% of mental illness begins before age 25. There is a need to make sure that young people have the mental health and substance use support they need, when and where they need it.”

Canadian Institute of Health Research, Nov 28, 2022

Mental health in Emerging Adults continues to impact youth across the country. With support from one of Place2Give’s private Donor Advised Funds, youth mental health initiatives in Manitoba are making an impact through Huddle Manitoba.   

Integrated Youth Services

In November 2022, the Canadian Institute of Health Research (“CIHR”) announced an investment of $1 million to establish a pan-Canadian “network of networks” known as the Integrated Youth Services Network of Networks (IYS-Net). An additional $15 million from CIHR and other philanthropic partners will allow IYS-Net to expand nationwide. 

The IYS-Net is a collaboration between the Canadian government and partners nationwide. The mission of IYS-Net is to help youth access the culturally appropriate services they need when needed. Also, sharing information across the network will allow researchers to use data and experiential evidence to shape processes and policy. 

“The goal is that, when completed, not a single youth between the age of twelve and twenty-five will be left without access to the health and social services they need the most.”

Dr. Samuel Weiss, Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health, and Addiction

IYS is a guiding set of principles for delivering care to youth and emerging adults. The services, as listed in the Government of Canada press release, include:

  • mental health services
  • substance use counselling
  • primary care
  • peer and family support services
  • sexual health services
  • work and study support
  • assistance navigating the health care system
  • housing and other social community services
  • traditional Indigenous healing and cultural practices

Huddle Manitoba

One program modeled after IYS theory is Huddle Manitoba. Huddle Manitoba is creating safe, inclusive spaces for youth to access necessary services. 

Specifically, Hubs provide support for mental health and addiction counselling. In addition, huddle Hubs try to understand what Emerging Adults need by listening and working with them to understand their needs. As a result, youth are treated with respect and care and welcomed by teams of counsellors and medical professionals.

“Huddle is a welcoming place designed to make youth feel comfortable when they first walk in. Think of us as a one-stop shop for health care, youth services, community events and other useful stuff to help young people feel better. Instead of bouncing around to different doctors, counsellors or drop-ins, you’ll find everything you need in one warm, safe space.”

Huddle Selkirk Grand Opening

On January 30th, Huddle Manitoba announced the opening of Huddle Selkirk, the sixth Huddle location. The day included keynote speakers Chief Glenn Hudson from Peguis First Nation, AFN Regional Chief Cindy Woodhouse, and a youth speaker, Sequoia Mayo. Elder Ruth Christie opened up the event with a blessing, and the Loud Eagle Singers performed opening and closing songs before we shared soup and bannock.

Huddle Selkirk is led by Peguis First Nation and operated in partnership with the Interlake-Eastern Health Authority, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, Lord Selkirk School Division, and other groups from the Selkirk and surrounding areas.

Please visit the websites below for more information on Hub locations and offerings.

How Can I Support Youth Mental Health Initiatives

To support youth mental health initiatives, visit and donate to Place2Give’s General Fund. You can specify any registered charity in Canada to direct your donation to, including Huddle Manitoba.