From everyone at Place2Give, thank you for following and supporting us as we celebrated 1o years of Solving Wicked Social Problems. For us, philanthropy is all about the impact, not the dollars or the recognition. We celebrate the impact that makes you feel good about your giving.

We hope you have found stories that piqued your interest, inspired you, moved you, motivated you to impact change. Whether your passions lie with supporting mental health, poverty, food scarcity, or diversity, Place 2 Give will find a way for you to get the most impact for your hard earned giving. We develop relationships with both our donors and the charities to find the right matches for you. We ensure your dollars are going where they are needed to impact the greatest change. Think of us as the eHarmony of the philanthropy world. Let us help you find your perfect match.

As we enter into the season of giving, be sure to save room on your list for those less fortunate. There are three options for you this holiday season:

  1. Donate to the Place2Give Give page, where you can support a specific fund we work with, or choose the Place2Give General Fund through which you can support any registered charity in Canada. Need some ideas? Our 2022 Charity List includes the organizations that P2G and K&C donors supported this past year.
  2. Contact Karma & Cents to create your year-end giving plan. We believe that everyone can be a philanthropist, and we are here to help!
  3. Contact Place2Give to learn how you can set up your own Donor Advised Fund (DAF). With a DAF you can make the donation you want or need to make now for year end purposes and then allocate the money to the charities you care about over time.

Contact us today to be part of the change you want to see. For more information on how we can help you achieve your philanthropic goals, contact us today at