#GivingTuesday is the International Day of Giving grounded in two premises:

  1. Radical Generosity – “What makes someone come alive is a gift that they do not possess. This gift should be shared with as few constraints as possible. And when it is, the means to continue that sharing naturally follows. That is a rough approximation of what I think of as the working fundamentals of the ‘gift economy’.” At the core it is that someone else’s suffering should be so intolerable to you that you want to do anything and everything to prevent that suffering from happening in the first place (Giving Compass).
  2. Everyone can be a philanthropist – Everyone has something to give. We call these forms of assets, the 4 T’s: Time, Talent, Treasures and Ties.

You likely will be inundated with several funding requests from charities of all stripes. To help you weed through the “asks” here are some tips:

  1. Check out the 2023 Charity List. Each year we publish a list of organizations that Place2Give Donors and Karma & Cents clients supported during the year. All of these organizations have been reviewed and are part of a giving strategy for one or more client. You can donate directly to any one of these organizations through the Place2Give General Fund, or by choosing any one of the various specialty funds listed on our GIVE page. To help you out we have tagged each fund so you can narrow your search by topic (e.g. Health & Wellness) and when you click on a fund page you will see the various organizations that are supported.
  2. Create a Giving Plan. This is more than your holiday donation budget. Your Giving Plan outlines the “WHY” behind your giving and lays out “HOW” you will determine “WHAT” to support. If this sounds familiar, check out Simon Sinek’s TED talk based on his book “Start with Why.” This plan acts as a road map, not only for yourself, but also for others who may have a role in implementing your philanthropic vision.
  3. Leverage your Giving. It’s not about the size of your donation, everyone can be a philanthropist. It is about how you leverage that donation to amplify the work of your Grantees or multiply the effect of your giving by encouraging others to join you. A great place to start is with your own family. To help you here is a set of activities inspired by 21/64 you can do with your loved ones over the holidays.

This #GivingTuesday consider supporting some of the smaller agencies who may not have a large voice to shout over all the holiday solicitation noise.